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Bentley DeForest Ackley

by Faith Macomber, age 13


Bentley DeForest Ackley was born in Pennsylvania on September 27, 1872. He died September 3, 1958.

His brother, Alfred Ackley, was a good music composer; writing approximately 1500 songs. He was also an accomplished cellist.

Ackley had great music talent early; he learned how to play the melodeon, piano, coronet, clarinet, and piccolo as a boy.

In 1888 he moved to New York, and began playing the organ in several churches.

He joined the Billy Sunday – Homer Rodeheaver evangelism team as secretary, pianist, and traveled with them eight years. He wrote over 3,000 Gospel tunes.

Some of the songs he wrote are:

  • “I Want To Be There at the Roll Call,” words
  • “I Would Be Like Jesus,” music
  • “If Your Heart Keeps Right,” music
  • “In the Service of the King,” music


The Painting and history of Ackley can be found at:

Reynolds, Baptist Hymnal. Broadman Press, 1976. page 381

Forrest M. McCann, Hymns & History. A.C.U Press, 1997. page 469

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