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Daniel Boone

by Elizabeth Macomber

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1734, near the present city of Reading, PA. He was the sixth of eleven children. The Boones, English Quakers, left Pennsylvania in 1750 and settled (1751 or 1752) in the Yadkin valley of North Carolina.”[1]

His father was a blacksmith and Daniel had little schooling.

Daniel Boone was an American pioneer and hunter. He left his family’s home when he was only fifteen and a half years old.

In 1755 he served with George Washington during the French and Indian War. He explored Florida, in 1765 and he was instrumental in the founding of Kentucky, in 1767. In 1775, he brought the first settlers into Kentucky, founding the fort Boonesborough. In 1778, during the Revolutionary War, he was captured by the Shawnee Indians and adopted by their chief. He was able to warn the inhabitants of Boonesborough of an impending attack by Indians who were allied with the British, enabling them to successfully resist it. Daniel Boone served as a Major in the militia, and in the Virginia legislature in 1781 and 1787.

In 1756 he married Rebecca Bryan. She did not want to go with him to Florida so he stayed and explored Kentucky for a while.

Though he purchased a large amount of land in Kentucky, he began losing it in 1785, due to incorrectly prepared titles. In 1799, after having lost all his Kentucky land holding, he traveled west of St. Louis, Missouri, purchasing land from Spain. He lost this land in 1803, with the signing of the “Louisiana Purchase.” In 1814, by an act of Congress, he was given back the land.[2]

He made occasional trapping expeditions to Kansas and once in 1814 to Yellowstone. He raised ten children of his own. He died on September 16, 1820.


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The Drawing of Daniel Boone can be found at Archiving Early America

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