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John Foster

by Deborah Macomber


John Foster was born in England on September 17, 1770, to Puritan parents. His father had a large library of Puritan books, and was perfectly familiar with it.

At the age of 14, John realized that he needed he needed a new heart, and was baptized into the Wainsgate Baptist church at 17. After he graduated from Bristol Baptist College, he became a pastor at Newcastle.

Rev. John Foster was known for his odd preaching style. He refused to use any expression in his speech, and thought that gesturing with his hands distracted listeners. A serious disease of the throat further handicapped him. Thus, his sermons were known to be rather boring, and he was not remarkably successful as a speaker. However, he was a fascinating writer.

Four Essays were published by him at the beginning of his pasturing career. Almost immediately after these Essays were published, the obscure pastor was ranked among the first literary men of his country, and held that position from that time on. Since then, no one knows just how many Essays he wrote. One of his most popular Essays was “The Evils of Popular Ignorance.” He also wrote 185 articles for the Eclectic Review.

John Foster reached the end of his life on earth with a faith that was stronger than ever. He was very anxious to see His blessed Redeemer, and fell asleep in the Lord, October 16, 1843.


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