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Preparing for Eternity

September 20, 2017; 6:41 am
Jerusalem Time

Extraordinary Because of the Word of God

by Pastor Clinton Macomber

We are here to prepare for eternity, by learning all we can about God and the ways of God. In Abraham we have a great family of those we will be working with in Heaven. God's Word showcases quite a large number of people who are there, and we are expected to know about them. But what of the saints who have stood for God since then? We need to know them too!

The Moravians of early America required that each adult keep a daily journal of their spiritual growth and learning so that future generations could be encouraged and helped along the way. What would our journal look like? Is our spiritual life so important the pages of a book would be filled in short order, or over a whole lifetime will there only be a short little paragraph?

Each article tries to find dates that can be used to help a person know what happened on any particular day in the past. Articles are added as time and resources permit, and older articles expanded or rewritten. Enjoy and let us all grow together into God's Image and Likeness!

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