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Carl H. Lowden

by Pastor Clinton Macomber

Carl Harold Lowden was born October 12, 1883, in Burlington, New Jersey, to William and Emma Lowden. William was a shoe worker. Harold was the oldest of six children.

At the age of 12, he sold his first song to the Hall-Mack Publishing company, a company that later employed him.

In 1910 he was 26 and had been married for four years to E. Kirkbride. They had two children, a two year old girl and a boy that was a month old. They were living in a house with a mortgage at 514 Haddon Avenue, Camden, New Jersey. He was an employer of a music publishing company.

On Sept. 12, 1918, he was 34 and of medium build with brown eyes and hair. Carl and his wife, Ethel, were living at 514 Haddon Avenue in Camden, New Jersey. He was working as an editor for the Publication and Sunday School board of the Reform Church of Philadelphia.

In 1920 he was 36 and living at the same address with his wife and four children. They owned the house with a mortgage. Howard was employed as a music editor. The children ranged in age from four to 12 years of age.

In 1930 he was 46 and owned a house worth about $10,000 at the same address in New Jersey. He had been married for 24 years to Ethel and had four children at home. He was a publisher and had his own shop.

In 1945 he was 58 years old and was a self-employed music publisher, and still living at the New Jersey address. He was 5 foot 8 and half inches tall, with brown eyes and gray hair.

Mr. Lowden taught music for several years at the Bible Institute of Pennsylvania and was a minister of music for the Linden Baptist Church in Camden, New Jersey, for 28 years. For another 12 years, Lowden was music editor for the Evangelical and Reformed Church Board (later became the United Church of Christ).

He published a number of hymns including:

  • “Living for Jesus,” music

He died February 27, 1963, in Collingswood, New Jersey.


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