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Frederick C. Maker

by Pastor Clinton Macomber

Frederick Charles Maker was born on August 6, 1844 in Bristol, England to Charles and Mary Maker. His father was a leather cutter.

In 1861, Frederick was 16 and an articled professor of music, meaning he was under a contractual obligation to fulfill the training and requirements to become a Professor. His father was 48 and his mother was 40. The family was living at 13 Christmas Street in Bristol. He had a 14 year old brother and a step-brother that was 16 and named Frederick G. Maker!

In 1871, Frederick was 26 and married to Elizabeth who was 24. They had a 16 year old servant girl by the name of Emma Organ. They were living at 11 St. Michael’s parish in Bristol, and Frederick was employed as a Professor of Music.

Clifton College

Clifton College in timeperiod

In 1881, Frederick was 36 and Elizabeth was 34. Frederick was a teacher of music. They were living at 3 West Park in Bristol. They had two children: Walter who was 9 and Mary who was 8. They also had a 19 year old servant girl.

In 1891, Frederick was 46 and Elizabeth was 44. Frederick was a music teacher, and they were living at 17 West Park in Bristol. They had four children: Walter who was 19, Mary who was 18, Ethel who was 14, and Ada who was 8.  They also had a general servant girl who was 18.

In 1901, Frederick was 56 and Elizabeth was 54. Frederick was a music teacher. They were living at 11 Melrose Place in Bristol. At their home was Walter who was 29 and a music teacher; Ethel, who was 21; Ada who was 18 and a student music teacher; and an 18 year old servant girl.

Frederick Maker worked as a non-conformist organist for several churches in Bristol.

He was a professor of music at Clifton College.

He composed the music for several hymns, and was a well-known Irish musician and composer. Some of them are:


Frederick Maker died on Jan. 1, 1927.


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The drawing of Clifton college is of unknown origin and history.

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