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Cyrus Scofield

by Elizabeth Macomber, age 15

Cyrus Scofield

Dr. Scofield was born in Michigan on August 19, 1843. He had two sisters. When Dr. Scofield was little, his mother was always praying that he would become a pastor. His mother died before he was saved.

Dr. Scofield served in the Confederate army for a year. He was discharged because he was not a citizen of the Confederate states. He then married and had two daughters and a son. His son died very young. His wife was a French Catholic and she and her daughters remained in that church until they died.

He was elected twice to the Kansas legislature in 1871 and 1872. President Grant appointed him as the United States District Attorney of Kansas, on 1873.

Dr. Scofield was a lawyer, a heavy drinker and had many problems, including his wife wanting a divorce because he was such a heavy drinker.

Dr. Scofield was in his office one day when one of his friends came into his office. They sat and talked for a while. His friend said, “I have often wanted to ask you a question but I’ve been afraid to do so.”

“What do you want to know?” asked Scofield.

His friend replied, “I’ve wondered why you are not a Christian.”

Scofield hung his head, “I know enough about the Bible to realize that it says that no drunkard can enter the kingdom of God; and you know my weakness!”

“You’re avoiding my questions,” continued his friend.

“Well, truthfully, I can’t recall anyone ever explaining how to become a Christian.”

Picking up a Bible his friend read some passages showing that all are under condemnation, but that Christ came to save the lost by dying on the cross for their sins. “By receiving Him as your Substitute and Redeemer,” he said, “you can be forgiven. If you’re willing to receive Jesus, let’s pray together.”

Scofield agreed, and when it was his turn he exclaimed, “O Jesus, I am a slave to drink. One of your servants has shown me how to be saved. O God, forgive my sins and help me overcome the power of this terrible habit in my life.” Right there he was converted.

After Scofield got saved and believed that God wanted him to be a preacher, his relatives told him about his mother’s prayer that he became a pastor. He was accepted as pastor for the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Northfield, Massachusetts, The First Church of Dallas, Texas, and The Moody Church of Northfield, Massachusetts.

Dr. Scofield later published a reference Bible that bears his name. Over 400,000 of these have been printed and distributed in Russia. In a twelve-hour period, Scofield’s publishers had published 1,000,000 copies of the New Testament. In 1909, the first reference Bible was published, and released to the public. The sales of the Scofield Bible had topped three million copies in 1967. Now the number hovers near five million copies with all language editions.

Dr. Scofield died on July 24, 1921.


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