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February 24, 2018; 6:03 pm
Jerusalem Time

Temple of Herod Begun

by Gideon Edward Macomber

Herod began building the Temple some time this month, January, 19 B.C. Herod the Great was born in 75 B.C. and he died by worms in 4 B.C. He was walking through his court and when the people saw him they said he was a god.Herod did not reject this title. Immediately God had him eaten with worms. He reigned from 37 B.C. to 4 B.C. He was also the king who wanted baby Jesus killed. Herod the Great also went insane and murdered his first wife and her sons that were supposed to be heirs to the throne. Herod started the remodeling of the Temple on the eighteenth year of his reign and it did not get finished till 64 A.D., during the time of King Agrippa II. Six years later (70 A.D.) The Romans came and destroyed the Temple and it was never rebuilt after that time. The Temple site is in the center of Jerusalem and the Moslems say that they have the stone that was the base of the altar for Solomon and Herod's Temples. Right now they have a dome over it that is called, The Dome of the Rock or The Golden Dome. No Jewish or Christian people are allowed near The Dome of the Rock or even near the Temple mount. The closest the Jews can get to where the Temple stood is what they call the Western Wailing Wall or the Western Wall.

Herod was trying to win the favor of the Jewish people by publicly observing the Jewish law and by rebuilding the Temple on a grand and beautiful scale. He put gold eagles and lions on the Temple and he was going to put images of himself on the Temple. The Pharisees and Sadducees got mad at him because it was unbiblical to put images of anything on the House of the Lord. Herod fired the High Priest and appointed a new priest that would obey him. Herod did not put the images of himself on the Temple but he did put the eagles and lions up anyway. The Bible says that we are not to make images of ourselves, animals, plants, or anything else because God made everything.


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