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Beneath the Cross of Jesus

by Pastor Clinton Macomber


"Beneath the Cross" was written in 1868 and published in 1872. Elizabeth Clephane wrote the poem a year before she died at the age of 39. The poem was published a couple years after her death.

  1. Beneath the cross of Jesus
    I fain would take my stand,
    the shadow of a mighty rock
    within a weary land;
    a home within the wilderness,
    a rest upon the way
    from the burning of the noon day heat
    and the burden of the day.

  2. Upon that cross of Jesus
    mine eye at times can see
    the very dying form of One
    who suffered there for me;
    and from my smitten heart
    with tears two wonders I confess
    the wonders of His glorious love
    and my own worthlessness.

  3. I take, O cross, thy shadow
    for my abiding place
    I ask no other sunshine
    than the sunshine of His face;
    content to let the world go by,
    to know no gain nor loss,
    my sinful self my only shame,
    my glory all the cross.

“What a marvelous prayer this is for a sinner to pray! It makes it very clear that all men will not be saved, that all men must accept the Substitute or they will be lost. It also makes clear that the total depravity of man is taught in the Bible, that we are in no condition to save ourselves. All without exception are involved in guilt, and all without exception are involved in sin, and all without exception are guilty of straying, and all without exception have turned away from God, and all without exception have chosen their own way”—J. Vernon McGee.


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